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Helping companies to create and communicate their dreams in virtual space.

Around Media is one of the leading and fast-growing virtual reality companies in Europe. We’re changing the game when it comes to communications in real estate. Our platform enables sales and marketing teams to customize their pitch and truly engage with their buyers.

At Around Media we create partnerships between people and cultures from across the globe to create something extraordinary.

When working at Around Media we grab a cup of coffee and create beautiful experiences; we design and code the best building features, and help our clients get the most out of a truly interactive experience. Together we build an environment where we listen to everyone’s voice, have a drink among friends, and sometimes chill out in a virtual world that might or might not (yet) exist.

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Senior VR Artist
Around Media
  • Gent, Belgium
Front-end developer
  • Gent, Belgium

Our values

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Elevate people

Drive Change

Be a valued partner

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Offices - Ghent

Reigerstraat 8, 9000 Gent