Back-end software developer

Job description

The company:

Around Media is one of the leading and fast-growing proptech companies in Europe. Prompto - powered by Around Media - is a SaaS platform aiming to revolutionise the real estate sector. Prompto is currently evolving into a digital ecosystem of the future by enabling real estate developers to sell their real estate faster, and bringing prospective buyers a customised experience for their future house or apartment. At Around Media we are passionate about putting disruptive digital technologies at the heart of the real estate sector. Our collective vision is for the end-customer to have a great experience: no longer buying a property with solely a 2D plan or a material sample but walking through his future habitat as it would be built. Prompo is expanding internationally and we would like to attract talent from all over the world to help us tackle this challenge.  We are looking for ambitious, energetic and agile professionals to to add to the team! Work among creative minds, smart developers, start-up & scale-up leaders, project managers, and real go-getter sales. Not only do we have a really cool loft warehouse as our office, we truly live a start-up lifestyle.  

The way we live: 

We value open communication. We strive for an environment where everyone feels free to give direct and honest feedback to their co-workers, bosses & direct reports, both praise and criticism. We organise retrospectives, have blameless post-mortems, do regular one-on-one meetings... We don’t want a ‘it’s not my job, so it’s not my problem’ mindset. Being a team for us also means going for drinks occasionally to celebrate a successful release, playing pool or board games during our lunch period, or going out for lunch together (Buritto-Friday is holy!). On Friday afternoon we have a ‘town-hall’ where end our week with sharing our successes and having a drink together with the entire company.

The way we work: 

Following the Spotify model, we organise our team to optimise cooperation - through our cross-functional squads - and knowledge sharing. We want to learn from our mistakes and problems and see them as an opportunity to learn from and continuously. We’re a group of team-players, always willing to help each other out and push each other forward to create an amazing product. Passionate about what we do, we’re always looking for new ways to challenge and improve on the status-quo, automate where we can and drive innovation & purposeful change.

Your mindset: 

As a start-up/scale-up we need to be able to react quickly to changes in the market. We expect everyone in the team to be able to quickly analyse, understand and prioritise a given business problem and to know what to work on first to get that maximal result for our customers. We need people who are proactive, who will voice their opinions & ideas and that can take ownership to get things done. We want to find the optimal solution given limited time and resources, focusing on quality, but also needing to be pragmatic. We have flexible hours and we encourage remote work. It’s all about creating value for our customers.


As part of our backend squad, you'll be responsible for

  • developing and maintaining our RESTful API
  • designing and improving our cloud architecture to make it as performant, scalable and secure as possible
  • integrating our backend with existing SaaS APIs, like subscription management and mailing services, so we can focus on our core functionality
  • work together in your cross-functional squad to solve technical and business challenges, extend our datamodel and create a state-of-the-art ecosystem
  • create an awesome developer experience by improving our existing dev tools, build pipelines, test automation...

Apply now!


  • We want our interactions with clients to be memorable, so please make your application memorable as well
  • Bring some code so we can see what you did. Don’t be afraid, it’s no exam!
  • Help us spread the word & share this among your friends. Don’t be afraid of others ‘stealing’ this job: We have several vacancies. If you are amazing, smart, and open-minded, we will find a place for you in our team